Business Fix Pros Testimonials

checkmark“Scott took over a troubled market with four struggling locations and transformed the market quickly, supporting the addition of four more locations very soon after he arrived. His ability to find, train, and motivate managers was exceptional, and his focus on results produced one of the most remarkable turn-arounds I have ever witnessed in a market.”

– Sam Crowley
Director, Audit Committee Chairman at United States Cellular


“Over the past year BASE has really helped us turn our business around. From day one, they have taken a sincere interest in increasing our profitability and not just getting a paycheck from us. Scott has been willing to go above and beyond our original agreement to make sure the job is done right, and that is difficult to find these days. Because of the proven systems that he installed and monitors, we have been able to dramatically increase our bottom line, even in this down economy. I would highly recommend Scott’s company and services to any business that is struggling with personnel, efficiency, slow sales, or just a positive company atmosphere. “

– Taylor Ball
Owner – RISE, Blackfoot Idaho


“We have had the pleasure to work with BASE on supplementing revenue for a group of Georgia facilities. They both created and implemented a great system, training program and procedural outline to ensure a successful program, all while gaining support and buy-in from the team members. With their program, they increased the facilities sales nearly 400% placing the facility as the top producer in online supplement sales throughout the country.”

– Frank Plasso
President / CEO – Supplement RX


“BASE and Scott Corless offer a range of skills that are useful to any results oriented company. I have had the opportunity to work with Scott over the past few years and have seen first-hand his enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and revenue generating systems. The knowledge and insights he brings to BASE is invaluable. I would recommend the services provided by this company to anyone who could benefit from sound management and business advice.”

– Michelle Micheletti
Marketing Manager –

checkmark“Scott Corless, President of Business Advancement Systems Experts and I have worked closely for the past 9 years. Scott has a strong sales model for retail, corporate and service revenues. I highly suggest you take a look and see the training support that he has perfected.”

– David Fowler
Operating Executive at Integrity Square


“Scott and I connected in 2014. I was a regional manager for a large chain and in 2014 my company was acquired by TRT Holdings. Scott made a time of uncertainty for myself and my staff an extremely comfortable one, receiving our trust and respect very quickly due to his professionalism as well as his genuine style and willingness to work with all of us. He brought value to each employee in all positions and helped us learn how to grow our careers. The one area that always stood out to me personally was how he helped me grow our sales numbers. I have been in the sales industry for 14 years managing different kinds of businesses, and have performed very well; however, Scott was still able to spot opportunities that I was overlooking, which increased our sales numbers by large margins month over month. He is very analytical, detail oriented and has a captivating personality, which is a hard combination to find. In the 2 years of working with Scott I gained the experience to be able to now own my own business. I will be utilizing BASE to help me grow my business year over year.”

– Mike King

Owner, Workout Anytime – Marion, N.C.


“My relationship with the President of BASE started several years ago when we both relocated to Utah to help grow a national franchise. While his business knowledge is quite vast and extensive, he also knows how to teach things in such a way that even the most intimidated client will feel less challenged in understanding the systematic format for successful business operations. Their “Business 101″ approach will walk you through the ABC’s of operations. The lack of this knowledge in running small and medium sized businesses is why so many fail before even getting started. BASE brings everything back to the basics to help you understand how each seemingly small action can result in large revenue growth.”

– Sherry Leetham
President –  FIT 2 CHEER”

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