About BASE

BASE was created by a group of experienced sales and management professionals determined to help small to medium-sized businesses leverage the strengths of larger organizations. Through decades of experience working with clients across the country we have designed solutions to the most common problems; problems that are holding good businesses back from achieving their ambitions.

Our staff has managed market turnarounds, saved businesses from closure and paved the way for owners to double the number of locations in a market.

How Is Base Different?

BASE created a hands-on approach to training and execution that has proven successful.  We do not simply give advice and then leave you on your own; we install, monitor, and demonstrate systems and procedures, all the while training and gaining buy-in from your team.  Our clients and their staff receive guidance, training and constant interaction from a member of our management team.

We can help manage existing vendors or provide you with quality alternatives.  Our Strategic Partnership Group has developed a “one stop” solution staffed by industry experts from their respected fields.  Their goal is simple; to help you find reputable companies to provide any additional services you may need. Our strategic partners demonstrate the utmost professionalism.  BASE does not accept payment from our partners for referring their product or service to clients.  Our partnership program exists solely to further assist our clients.

For more information about our President, please visit Meet Our President.

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