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Do you have a vision for your company’s successful growth but need help making it scalable?  Many operators would like the assistance of a COO position, yet do not want to incur the cost of a full time executive.  BASE can provide such expertise for short or long term projects including growth management, vision, company structure, and general operations.

Having the experience of a COO allows you to work on your ideas rather than constantly monitor your operation.  BASE has helped owners with projects as varied as implementing a new product or service to negotiating leases and finding the proper locations for expansion, complete with a growth plan to make sure your ideas become a successful reality.

A confidential assessment of your financials, from P&L analysis to company statements and more, will ensure that you are heading in the right direction if you are considering expansion.  Some operators simply want an outside expert to look at these reports on a monthly basis and make recommendations – others want assistance implementing programs to improve performance and a more “hands-on” approach.

Success in small business comes from knowing how many things you can handle, and when it is time to reach out for help.  Whether it is simple financial analysis, or a more complicated overhaul of company procedures, staffing, and strategy to combat new competition – don’t wait until you’re struggling or stressed.

Contact us today for a free consultation on any aspect of your business; it never hurts to have input from a different perspective.


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