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How many of your employees have personal problems affecting their concentration and performance?

While most companies have some form of HR department or employee policies, many are focused on preventing claims rather than developing employees. Staff training is imperative to prevent abusive or illicit behavior; one need only turn on the news to see the damage done when this is not a priority. As important as this “preventative maintenance” is, however – we feel there is another important aspect that goes completely unaddressed. Personal development of staff members is an ongoing process of education and coaching. Providing employee guidance on education, finance, and health goes a long way towards ensuring a productive environment.

How much concentration is lost in a workday when an employee has gotten him/herself in a financial bind that could have been easily prevented?

What is the cost of an employee who deals with your customers but has never had training in conflict resolution?

How many hours of productivity have been lost due to sick days, to say nothing of the reduced pace of an employee who is always tired?

These are important issues, and while they must be addressed delicately, they cannot be ignored if you want to grow your people along with your company. We are seeing an increasing number of new employees entering our client’s companies with no education on making a budget, controlling expenses, and avoiding debt. Many are in dire need of a mentor yet have no one to ask for help – HR departments in most companies are woefully inadequate to handle this.

It is quite simple to arrange for this training from outside sources; you do not have to become an expert on these issues. Some topics we have found useful:

• Financial Fundamentals – Managing Your Money
• Management Theory – Are You A Leader or An Analyst?
• Health, Energy, and Performance – How Your Health Determines Your Income

These are some of the topics that we and our partners provide – they are by no means an exhaustive list. You can schedule a free consultation with us here to go over details and assess your company’s needs.

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