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Have You Shifted Gears?

Has your company shifted gears, to take advantage of these 4 developments in the economy?

• GDP growth 4.1% in June
• Unemployment 3.9%
• American workers received largest pay raise in 10 years
• Corporate taxes driving profits

Simply put, if your company is not seeing gross revenue and profit growth of 8-10%, you need to speak with us. There are either structural problems with your organization preventing you from taking part in this economic boom, or you have people unable or unwilling to ramp up their performance.

During times of economic hardship, many employees slide comfortably into a mode where they coast along, secure in the fact that no one seems to be doing any better than they are. These are precisely the people you need to retrain, re-motivate, or replace today. Many have found comfort in mediocre performance and are loathe to gear up and run fast again; they will curtail your revenue while poisoning your new personnel.

If your staff is ready to go and free from the malaise described above, but you are still not performing better than last year – see us about structure. Many companies make the necessary changes to save on costs (usually payroll) during the down times, only to be caught unprepared for the influx of capital and opportunity in a booming economy. Processes and staffing changes that made sense a few years ago could well be hampering your progress now – don’t let any more time elapse without talking to someone who can analyze your company and point out opportunities.

We offer a 1-hour free consultation that can help you determine where you stand, but whether you speak to us or someone else – look at your company critically and determine if you’re keeping up with your competitors and taking full advantage of the current economic trends. Remember – inflation is coming, as sure as night follows day. How are you going to afford higher costs when your income has remained flat?

Sticking your head in the sand only ensures you will be eaten without warning.

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