April 23rd, 2018 Posted by Business Fix Pros Blog 0 thoughts on “STOP WASTING MY TIME !”

Don’t you wish someone who never intends to do business with you would just tell you?  Many people will not deal with you honestly because they are afraid of being rude – but what is more discourteous than ignoring emails and calls when you gave someone the impression that you wanted to have a business conversation?

There is a cost to focusing on a bad relationship, no matter what type of relationship it is.  The first cost is easy to see; it’s the time wasted on something that is going nowhere.  You feel the need to keep these leads and contacts in your CRM, because you don’t want to admit failure and delete them.  You get a false sense of security having them around.  Sound familiar?

We believe it is far wiser to honestly evaluate your leads and toss the ones who do not respond – keep them in the CRM but make them inactive.  You may wish to have the notes in the event they ever reach out to you, but having them among actual leads is a mistake.  In addition to the aforementioned false sense of security, there is another cost – They keep you from admitting your pipeline is in bad shape and seeking out new opportunities.  Think of how many new leads and contacts you could be working on if you were not wasting time on those that have no chance of becoming a sale.

If someone has failed to respond to several emails and a couple phone messages, despite giving you the impression that they were interested – move on.  This is not meant to include contacts that may be out of town or gave you a specific follow up date; this is for people who simply are not professional enough to return a phone call or acknowledge the receipt of an email that you were encouraged to send.  We see salespersons all the time who have been asked to submit information, then ignored by their potential client – this is a huge waste of time, and you are better served by trimming your leads and focusing on getting new, viable contacts.

Taking a hard look at your pipeline is an important, yet uncomfortable thing to do for many business persons.  Contact us for advice on this and any other business matters, and register for a free one-hour business consultation here:

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